Getting Started/Pricing


the pilates hub offers one-on-one sessions and small group sessions (with a maximum of 3 people). Sessions are  designed to challenge and progress you through a range of pilates based movements on the reformer bed whilst incorporating other pieces of equipment.

Your Pilates journey can include a one-on-one session to ascertain your body's strengths and weaknesses, flexibility and balance, look at your posture, determine your goals and find out about any injuries or limitations you may have. 


Normal Rates

One-on-one session:                 $80 (50 min)

Group session                            $33 (50 min)


5 one-on-one sessions:             $390 (save $10)

10 one-on-one sessions:           $770 (save $30)

5 Group sessions:                      $150 (save $15)

10 Group sessions:                    $290 (save $40)

Contact the pilates hub to book your session times.

Cancellation Policy :  24 hour cancellation charge for all classes – this means that if you cancel a class within 24 hours of the class start time you will be required to pay for the class unless another person is able to fill the spot